Alphatag lasertag equipmment generation

Premium class laser tag equipment

The evolution of ten game generations led us to the birth of the brightest star.
Alpha tag is a digital technology, perfect electronics and our affection to the work we do.

Uniqueness in every detail!

Packed with technology

  • NFC connection of weapons and sensors
  • 5th generation Bluetooth module
  • X-Gen Wi-Fi module
  • Pro-signal speakers
  • Parallax optics
  • Powerful battery for 36 hours of play

Comfortable ammunition

  • Anatomical shape of sensors
  • Perfect balance
  • Sensor OLED display for set-up
  • Ultra-bright LED
  • Photosensor with 140 degrees angle

Breakthrough software

  • Alphalink protocol: 1000 game sets operate as a whole in one system
  • Connecting the mobile phone to the game as a separate device
  • Collection of offline statistics
  • Ability to play without weapons

Alphatag – the brightest star of the LASERWAR constellation

So breathtaking

For 12 years we have been honing our skills in the manufacture of weapons and devices. 400 devices, 3000 rental clubs, international games, free international software – this is our reality. We bring together countries and generations, making games more interesting and dynamic. And that is not the limit.

We aim to be first in everything, and create a quality standard that exceeds expectations, to be the industry’s flagship at a global level.

Enter the laser tag future with us!

Laser tag sets
Alphatag gun AK-15

Alphatag gives unlimited possibilities

2.6 Seconds before the game

The headband is connected to your game set in a matter of seconds.

7 Devices in one arsenal

Create your own personal outfit. Use you mobile phone as one of the devices.

35+ Medals and awards

Unlock new achievements, set records in statistics and achieve your goals.

120 Unique sounds

Enjoy the sounds with the help of the professional studio and Pro-Signal speakers.

800 Range (m)

The most precise Parallax optics from LASERWAR will hit the enemy even at a long range.

Endless improvements

LASERWAR team is constantly improving its product based on the results of tests and user feedback.

Alphatag laser tag weapon AK-15 and timepoint device

In 2020 we analysed customer wishes and combined them with breakthrough solutions in programming and electronics. This is how the new LASERWAR brand appeared: Alphatag for pro players. With it you will forget about the limitations of a classic laser tag.

Alpha is a marker of the most perfect and quality product. The first letter in the Greek alphabet and the brightest star of our night sky – a synonym for advanced technologies. Start the game anew with alphatag!

How to start playing alphatag?

  1. 1Choose your character and weapon

    Choose you playing style: a sniper or an assaulter, a machine gunner or a medic? Choose the character and rush into the fight! We created AR-15 Ranger and AK-15 Warrior especially for Alpha tag. These taggers are loyal friends of Alpha tag fighters. They look brutal, shoot accurately and have a great operating time.

  2. 2Try on a headband or a vest

    At Alpha tag, the key device in the game will be a headband with 5 hit sensors. It houses the processor, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules. For the first time in the world, the headband is equipped with an OLED display! The alternative option is an ergonomic vest with 8 sensors. All vests come with a load bearing system and are sewn in the military camouflage color.

  3. 3Connect up to 7 devices

    Alpha tag was created with an emphasis on individuality. The fighter chooses which devices to use in the game: main and additional weapons, a vest or a headband, devices like the Medic and even a smartphone – connect up to 7 gadgets at the same time! Now you can equip yourself as a real soldier and be ready for any turn in the story.

  4. 4Use the software

    The Configurator program for Alpha tag is a brand new product developed from scratch. The application is available free of charge on Windows store and is compatible with Windows operating systems from version 7onwards. Detailed real time statistics, flexible scenario settings: change the parameters of the story or create your own, create the character ‘s characteristics at your discretion.

  5. 5Enjoy the game

    Alpha tag gives you an unprecedented right of choice – devices, game roles, scenarios.

The latest news is always available by hashtag #LASERWAR



New generation Alfatag equipment includes many competitive advantages. It was made for real professionals and guarantees reliability in every detail. Our customers have already really appreciated the unique OLED displays that are equipped with damage sensors and laser tag guns. Mostly the control units with OLED display on headbands/helmets/vests serve as a special tool for Read the full article…



The Alfatag generation has implemented a number of important functions for professional-level gaming and even greater realism in combat. We have designed  an extra light and technologically advanced vest for outdoor laser tag. The new vest is based on the same electronics as the headband. It will last for many years thanks to durable material Read the full article…

Alphatag laser tag universe

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