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Alpha tag is a premium segment of laser tag equipment. This statement affects any part of Alpha tag equipment. The best technical solutions in electronics and cooperation with existing employees at SOBR special police have allowed us to make Alpha tag a platform of the future.

Alphatag laser tag premium sets


Parallax 2.0 optical system

Using a new emitter and a special lens, we minimised ricochets and increased the range 2.5 times without compromising quality.

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Pro signal sound system

120 sound effects recorded by a professional studio. We created a step-by-step warning system in which all game events are marked.

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High-capacity battery

Inside game sets there are lithium batteries with a uge capacity, ensuring uninterrupted operation for 36 hours.

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Alphatag weapon highlight

Bluetooth 5

The new Bluetooth module supports communication with 7 additional game devices

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Smart NFC

Alpha tag is based on the Easy Start principle. All you have to do is bring the headband to the rifle and the laser tag game set is ready for play.

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X-Gen Wi-Fi module

All hits, misses, “kills” are sent to the server in real time. All stats are stored in the headband.

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LEDs and vibration motors

In each hit sensor we placed a super-bright LED and a vibration motor. If ther player is hit,only those sensors that have been triggered by an IR pulse will vibrate. The player will always understand the direction of the incoming shot and will be able to quickly respond.

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Laser tag sensors


The sensors on the headband have become more technologically advanced. We made the sensors smaller in height, and in in terms of aesthetics we came up with hexagonal shapes.

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Photo detectors

The alphatag headband contains a unique photo sensor with a sensitivity angle of 140 degrees. This means that the headband will unmistakably capture the IR pulse.

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Alphalink Connection 10 000 10,000 game sets with stats support

Connect smartphone

Unique scenarios Vampires vs zombies, the last hero, Royal Battle

Player’s independence

from weapons

Smart NFC Plug and Play

Collecting statistics in real time

  • New headband shape

    Alfatag uses the anatomical shape of the head sensors, in which there is no pressure on the ears. Due to this, the bandage is not felt on the head even after hours of play.

    New laser tag headband shape
  • Functional innovations

    A Headband has a communication module with an OLED display for quick setting up the game complex. It takes a few seconds to connect defeat sensors and gaming up devices.

    Laser tag innovations
  • Improved inside and ouside

    An electronic stuffing of the headband is hidden inside the cuff and zipper. The new hexagonal shape of the defeat sensors made them more resistant to physical impact. The multi-zone functions and the anti-cheat system from the previous generations have been preserved and improved.

    Laser tag headband improvements
Laser tag master block

Control unit with OLED display

The initial setup of the kit is possible via a bandage, vest or helmet. With the OLED control box, you can connect other gaming devices, find out about the enabled game modes, see basic settings, firmware version and charge level.

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Summarizing the talk Alphatag is more than laser tag

Alpha tag is a community. A community of players, manufacturers, technologies, advanced solutions, experience and courage. Such a fizzy cocktail helps create developments that mark the beginning of a new era in the industry. Play once – you will forget about other tactical and military games. Because Alpha tag is more than laser tag.

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