Unique laser tag equipment “Alfatag” was created for a new level of gaming. We have released the AlphatagConfigurator mobile application, which allows you to control equipment from a distance.

With the help of a cell phone the instructor can control the game and make necessary settings from any point of the training ground.
Working Principle

The main function is setting gameplay parameters. The screen displays equipment sets, name and status. The team color is indicated at the bottom of each kit.

If the instructor needs to change the tactical and technical characteristics, then he does not need to reconnect the equipment to the computer. With AlphatagConfigurator you can do this with one touch and be anywhere on the playing ground.

All parameters are displayed both in the mobile application and in the Alfatag server. Saved settings can be applied to a group of devices.


Please note that the laser tag equipment and the phone running the AlphatagConfigurator application must be connected to the same network. The router must be installed at the training ground in such a way that the Wi-Fi signal covers the entire playing area. This will allow you to change the settings of the laser tags at any time. If it is not possible to connect to the power grid, then you can take the router with you to the test site along with the PowerBank.

The application is available for iOS and Android users on AppStore, GooglePlay and HuaweiAppGallery. We remind you that we have released the AlphatagPlayer mobile application to store and collect statistics. Using it, the player receives all the data in real time and analyzes the victories and defeats of opponents.

From the 1st of June, 2024, AlphatagPlayer is only supported for older versions.

To update Alphatag, a new application is in development, which will become available in the fall of 2024.