Alphatag server update. Even more opportunities now!

Alphatag server update. Even more opportunities now!

Dear friends, LASERWAR prepared a great software update for super-technological generation of laser tag equipment “Alphatag”. We improved software – corrected errors and added extra features.

Sound effects

This is a new feature for those who want to get the most of it. Now, in the very beginning of the game, you can choose background music. We added a standard set of event sounds. They will appear when the players achieve something new: the first kill in the round, double and triple kills, interaction with devices (for example, activation and deactivation of a bomb, capturing a digital flag) and much more. You can turn them on, change them and turn them off.

Also, new software version has a feature for launching background music. If a user wants to use it to make playing more atmospheric, they can upload their melodies in MP3 and WAV formats.

Changing team name

After you update software, you will access one more feature. It will be possible to edit team name right during a game. In the past, you had to stop the round to change the name – in this case, you lost all your achievements and results. In a new version, you can change team name even after the game starts. This won’t influence statistics and gameplay.

Viewing the password

The users can see the entered password in “Settings” section before they get connected to the network. They may notice a mistake and correct it. Please note that the symbols won’t be displayed on defeat sensors and taggers. This will be available only in the software and only for administrators.

Addition in statistics

In a new version of an app, you can find out what achievement a player received a medal for. All rewards and conditions for getting them are now displayed on the last page of a PDF file that contains statistics.

In addition to new features, LASERWAR developers improved operation of Alphatag server and corrected functional errors. Also, they fixed the bugs associated with creation and saving of players, interaction with devices and the end of the round based on the scenario.

“Alphatag” software update is also available for the users.