The release of Alfatag premium equipment became a long-awaited event for all professional players. We have made a huge step forward in technical terms, opening up a lot of new opportunities for avid laser tag fans. And to make its usage quite simpler, our company has developed easy-to-use software, collecting the best solutions during our work.

“Alfatag Server” is intended for setting parameters of laser tag equipment, editing game scenarios, collecting and publishing statistics. The intuitive interface allows users to quickly configure all the necessary parameters. We have prepared for you an overview of the software’s functionality.

Alfatag was made for professionals and guarantees the control of all gaming processes.

The game

A section in which the instructor can not only select one of the available scenarios, but edit them, as well as create new ones. Here you launch and fully control the course of a laser tag battle, and after finishing look through the statistics data and publish it in the social media.

The users of our software will definitely not miss important changes. Already when you start the program, an exclamation mark in the upper right corner of the screen will indicate available updates. It only takes a few seconds to load them.


It is the first time when tactical and technical characteristics are divided by type of device: damage sensors and laser tags are programmed separately. The capabilities of our software allow you to change absolutely any parameter depending on the player’s wishes.

Do you want a 100-round pistol magazine and automatic reloading? Easily as well! And what about amour for your vest? The software also provides such a setting that was not available for previous generations of equipment. Or unique bonuses that can either upgrade your laser tag gun, increasing the maximum ammunition and damage dealt, or vice versa, reduce the values of these parameters. Add an element of surprise to your game.

In the settings of the damage sensors, you can change the volume of the game set, shot power, vibration mode, background light brightness, auto-reload, and so on.

In the settings of the tag gun you can select the type of weapon. Set the number of cartridges and magazines, damage, rate of fire, cutoff, reload and breakdown time, overheating coefficient.

All settings are recorded instantly: one click of the mouse – and the gaming kits are ready for battle.

Player base

It stores the data of club visitors. Keep records of your fighters, use this information in the game. If a visitor is included in the database, then he can easily be assigned to any of the gaming kits connected to the software.

You can access the online shop of LASERWAR company via the app as well as see the latest news on site and in social media.

System of awards and medals

During the game, participants get rewards and medals for certain active actions, be it the first kill, capturing a control point or destroying an opponent’s base. All achievements are displayed in real time. Game statistics can be sent to print or posted in a social media.

The Alfatag Server software quickly configures the equipment. The software is suitable for rental clubs and is easy to use for both the player and the instructor.

The program is available for all devices running the Windows 8/10 operating system. We care about the convenience of our users, so we created a mobile version of Alfatag Server for Android and iOS. You can download the software here for free.