Equipment update in Alphatag 2.0 version

Equipment update in Alphatag 2.0 version

The improved Alphatag begins a new chapter in the history of wargames. LASERWAR has upgraded the eleventh generation of laser tag in all directions – not only the software but also the combat kits. We tell you more about how the game equipment has been upgraded.

The hit sensors now display another icon, a computer. This means that the kit is connected to the Alphatag software and is ready for setup and network play.

Please note that during the connection of taggers, second sensor, and additional devices the relevant icons do not blink on the display of the headband (helmet, vest), as it was in the previous version of Alphatag. They only appear on the display after pairing.

The updated kits no longer display the battery level as a percentage. Moreover, our developers have completely changed the protocol. As a result, it was possible to significantly reduce battery drain when the hit sensors were switched off and generally increase the battery life of the equipment by several hours.

The new protocol also improved the firmware process and saved time for customization. Whereas previously sets were flashed one at a time, now three sets are written to at the same time.

And most importantly. We know that players already enjoy the Shock Bracelet, a powerful new product from LASERWAR. Imagine doubling the laser tag experience. Yeah, we did it. With the upgraded Alphatag, you can connect two wristbands simultaneously – on each arm – and enjoy the ultimate realism of a wargame.