“Alfatag” equipment – is new opportunities and a huge step into the future of the laser tag industry. We made many ideas come true, that provide you with comfort and instant connection between software and gaming kits. The most important element of the equipment is comfortable and durable headband.

The collapsible design stands out from the entire range of features of the bandage. In a couple of minutes you will be able to: detach the removable hygienic cuff, get to the electronics, just by unbuttoning the zipper. It significantly simplifies technical maintenance and activity with a large flow of customers.

The three-layer cuff is made of Air-mesh material and provides high-quality ventilation while playing. It is attached with Velcro fastener, so it can be easily and quickly removed for washing.

There is a new design in the headband in the generation of Alfatag. A new better shape won’t put pressure on the ears and will not be felt on the head after a long game.

The cuff closure has been completely changed. Now the size that suits you is fixed with a convenient elastic cord and clip.

We have positioned five damage sensors and two control units in such a way that their presence does not make the bandage heavier.

We will tell you about the sensors themselves in detail – they are made in the form of a hexagon with branded engraving. For the first time there are 5 sensors and it significantly increases the affected area. A unique photo sensor with a sensitivity angle of 140 degrees accurately recognizes even a weak IR pulse.

Each of them has a super bright LED and vibration motor. When a player is hit, all five sensors will flash, but only the one from which side the fighter was “wounded” will vibrate. When a virtual death happens 2 sensors will vibrate one by one in the back of the headband. These flashing lights are seen both  in bright sun and at night.

The ideal balance is ensured by two control units, one of which has an OLED display. It acts as a quick mini-remote for the instructor and captures all the basic information of the game.

Light and comfortable Alfatag headband will withstand a nineteen-hour game thanks to a powerful built-in battery.

In addition to ease of use, the headband opens up additional gaming functions. Now you have an ability to enter the battlefield without a tag gun! The new generation device is perfect for the “Hostage” scenario.

One of our main missions is to make the game comfortable under any conditions. Headband won’t lose its appearance even after hundreds of games. Sensors and blocks will not break if dropped, as they are made of durable polycarbonate.