What awaits the alpha tag fighter when entering the training ground? Modern and new gear, playing with new generation equipment, opportunity to watch the game process on your gadget screen. At the same time, laser tag combat can be diversified with additional devices and special game parameters, which we will talk about in more detail.


When firing in automatic mode, the gun heats up and when it reaches the “Overheating coefficient” specified in the settings, the weapon will fire a blank shot. If the player continues to fire, then after four such shots, the tag gun will simulate a breakdown. The higher the rate of fire of the weapon, the closer is the time of the overheat.


This function was made by analogy with real combat. If you shoot without interruption, the weapon will break. In a laser tag game, a breakage is possible in two cases: hitting the damage sensor and when trying to fire with an “overheated” weapon. For the time set in the parameters, the laser tag becomes inactive.


Game actions are made close to the reality. Thus, a wounded player cannot return fire for a short time (shock time) and cannot be hit again (invulnerability time). Damage taken while invulnerable turns into bleeding.

For example, a gamer got 50 HP damage while invulnerable. 3 seconds after the end of the mode, bleeding will start, the player will lose 5 health points, after another 3 seconds 4 health points are taken away, after another 3 seconds – 3 health points, and so on.

The injured player must stop the bleeding. A basic first aid kit or the Medic device will help him with this.

Friendly fire

Ability to hit the gamers of your team. When fired, the participant receives the damage specified in the program.


A player who runs out of health points is reborn on the opposing team. To revive he needs to get to the first aid kit.


Lasertag is an alternative to computer games, made close to the real fight. In Alfatag equipment one of the features of such games is used – armour. There was not such a parameter in the previous generations. It decreases while being shot by opponents, but only after the armor is completely demolished the lives are taken.

This option is available only to those who use a vest as damage sensors. The armor is restored automatically after the player leaves the fire area and does not receive damage for some time (specified in the program).

By playing with Alfatag equipment, you can diversify the usual scenarios in laser tag. For example, an instructor can put on a vest, increase damage and armor, and play alone against a team of children. This gameplay is good for birthdays.