The Alfatag generation has implemented a number of important functions for professional-level gaming and even greater realism in combat. We have designed  an extra light and technologically advanced vest for outdoor laser tag.

The new vest is based on the same electronics as the headband. It will last for many years thanks to durable material and a replaceable cuff. The control unit with an OLED display makes it easy to control and set  game parameters.

OLED display on your vest!

Alfatag vests have built-in control units with a 0.98-inch diagonal display. The screen displays basic information about the gameplay: communication with other kits, status indication, firmware update. The charge level is visible in all operating modes of the sensors.

The instructor will be able to configure the damage sensor to connect a second laser tag gun or allow the fighter to be fully equipped – use a headband (helmet), a vest and two weapons at the same time. Inside the control unit there is a processor and a communication module.

Such innovation you will not see anywhere! Now you have an ability to control the game with the vest. The built-in display becomes your mini remote control away from your computer with the software running.

Many more affected areas

Eight damage sensors  are made in the shape of hexagon with branded engraving. They are located on the back, on the sides and in the front. This increases the number of target zones as the sensors are positioned in a new way, covering the entire vest and eliminating blind spots.

A unique photo sensor with a sensitivity angle of 140 degrees accurately recognizes even a weak IR pulse. It is equipped with light and vibration indication. When a player is hit, all sensors will flash, but the one from which the shot “came” will vibrate.

Bright light is seen at the daylight and at night.

New parameter – “Armor”

Designed to be closer to real fight, Alpha’s new vest unlocks the computer game’s Armor feature. This parameter did not exist in other generations!

It decreases when fired upon by opponents, and only after the armor is completely demolished are lives taken. Depending on the performance characteristics settings, the armor can be restored independently after the player leaves from under fire.

This option is only available to those who use a vest as damage sensors.

The Game without a tag gun

In the new generation of equipment, the vest works autonomously. The player has the opportunity to enter the battlefield without a tag gun. You need to activate the “Hostage” scenario, turn on the vest, and start the game. Note that the vest and headband can be used together or separately. By putting on a vest and headband, you double the damage zone and add drive – it becomes more difficult to hide from the enemy.

Record battery life

A powerful 10,000 mAh external battery is used as a power source, capable of withstanding 36 hours of gaming without interruption with the Wi-Fi module turned on. This is several times more than alternative developments. The vest is suitable for work in any weather conditions. The sensors and control unit are made of polycarbonate, which protects the electronics from scratches, falls and other damage.

Ideal for rental

Replaceable lining with three-layer breathable AirMesh fabric can be easily removed for washing. The vest itself practically does not get dirty, and any dirt can be removed with a damp cloth.

The weight of the vest is not felt and does not put pressure on the player after many hours of battle. It is suitable for children and adults – four adjustment straps ensure a comfortable size.

A new type of Alpha vest supports wireless communication using breakthrough software. Smart NFC technology will provide quick connection with the laser tag gun and other devices. Wear-resistant material and sophisticated electronics will withstand hundreds of hours of gaming. Vests are available to order in four colors.