New generation Alfatag equipment includes many competitive advantages. It was made for real professionals and guarantees reliability in every detail. Our customers have already really appreciated the unique OLED displays that are equipped with damage sensors and laser tag guns.

Mostly the control units with OLED display on headbands/helmets/vests serve as a special tool for the instructor. Thus, for example, he can adjust a hit sensor to connect a second laser tag gun or allow a fighter to be fully equipped – use a headband (helmet), a vest and two weapons at the same time.

All the basic information is fixed on the headband display. After you have turned on the main sensor OLED will display serial numbers and the name of the devices that have been connected to it. It is for the first time In Alfatag when you can connect up to four devices; this function was not available in the previous generations. In the nearest future we a going to expand this function up to seven devices.

In game standby mode, the display on the headband shows the device name, charge percentage and Wi-Fi connection status. The display on the laser tag repeats the same indicators, except for Wi-Fi.

A monochrome OLED display helps the participants of a team to have a better navigation in the gameplay. Already at the first stages you control the connection of the headband with the tag gun. After a successful connection, an icon with a check mark will appear on the displays, indicating complete readiness for the game.

The headband connects with the tag gun automatically when they come close. The weapon’s OLED display will show the name of the sensor it is paired with. This feature is very helpful, in case you have many different game sets turned on at the same time.

While starting the basic information for the gamer is shown on the tag gun display. Besides the battery charge he will be able to track the amount of remaining health, ammunition, firing mode, damage done, armor points (if the vest is used as a damage sensor).

Never before you have had so many parameters been displayed on an OLED display as in Alfatag equipment. High brightness allows you to see all indicators even in daylight. Glass made of impact-resistant, wear-resistant polymer protects against falls and impacts. The display has record low power consumption and a wide operating temperature range.