The long-awaited update of the software and firmware Alphatag

The long-awaited update of the software and firmware Alphatag

In the new version of the program fixed:

— localization of role names when changing the language;

— statistics export format for one team;

— issuance of medals for game achievements;

— saving the date of the last visit;

— when recording the TTX settings in bulk, the weapon type icon does not change.


— Display of the RSSI level with icons.

A completely green Wi-Fi icon (RSSI from -65 and above) is an excellent signal.

The green icon without one division (RSSI from -75 to -65) is a good signal.

A yellow icon without two divisions (RSSI from -85 to -75) is a bad signal.

The red icon without three divisions (RSSI from -85 and below) is a very weak signal bordering on the absence of a Wi-Fi connection.

— when the tournament is held, its name is now displayed in the final PDF file of statistics.

— the ability to export the local database of players to a CSV file (saved on the desktop of a personal computer).

— devices (EDS and Digital flags) are now displayed in the broadcast window (dynamic statistics).

In addition to the device icons themselves, the indicators necessary for each of the devices are also displayed – the holding time of a particular team, the time before the explosion, and so on.

— added mass reloading of defeat sensors and taggers, as well as clearing statistics.

— added the display of local game status.

If the kit is running in a local game, it will be displayed in the software with the corresponding icon. The application of TTX settings will not be available. When you try to record the settings, the software will issue a corresponding warning.

The Alphatag software update is already available, the latest versions of sensors and taggers have been uploaded to the website.