This has never happened before! Alphatag’s biggest update to date

This has never happened before! Alphatag’s biggest update to date

We know how long you’ve been waiting for this. No more waiting, the moment has arrived – we present you the biggest update of the eleventh laser tag generation Alfatag. Our developers have improved the software and hardware to make the game even more stable and cooler. There are many changes right off the bat. To make sure you don’t get confused, we have prepared a series of materials. We will tell you about all the changes in detail. Today we’re looking at how the tactical specifications settings have been updated.

There is now a “Sounds” section in the tactical specifications settings of the taggers. In this tab, you can restore the effects and sound of your laser tag weapons if something has happened to them. In particular, it will come in handy after upgrading to new firmware, because the upgrade will remove all sounds from the tagger. Once restarted, they will match the weapon type installed.

Anticipating your questions, we would like to inform you that at this moment in time, it is not possible to record your sounds in the game sets.

There is a new “Sound Type” parameter in the defeat sensor settings. There are four options to choose from: “Voice”, “Effects”, “All”, and “Off”. For example, you can disable voice commands and the tagger will only sound out effects. Or vice versa – activate only the voice. If you want to leave it as standard – both – click “All”. The “Off” setting disables any voiceover except for firing and reloading.

We have improved some local settings for convenience. We worked out the parameters for sound volume and background glow brightness, abandoning percentages in favor of logarithmic scales.

We’ve adjusted the shot power settings. The tagger sets exact percentages, separately for open spaces and for enclosed spaces. The location is customizable on the defeat sensor. Thus, if a fighter uses two weapons (e.g. a sniper rifle and a pistol), each weapon will have its optimal power settings.

Armour only on the waistcoat is unfair. We agree. That’s why our developers added such a parameter for helmets and armbands.

In the new version of the software, you can select separate colors for wounded and dead player indications to better orientation during battles.

More details are in the following articles. Don’t miss it!